Amarnath Dham Yatra

Pawan Hans Amarnath Helicopter Ticket Booking @ Rs 2000

Note : Pawan Hans is not operating at Amarnath from 2017. You can book helicopter tickets from other heli companies such as UTAir India, Global Vectra and Himalayan Heli.

Pawan Hans operates on Neelgrath-Panjtarni-Neelgrath route for Amarnath Yatra. Pawan Hans is one the leading helicopter service provider in India which offers helicopter service to various religious places.

Pawan Hans Helicopter Ticket Rates for Amarnath

One Way Fare from Neelgrath to Panjtarni: No Service in 2017
Return Fare from Pawan Hans:
No Service in 2017

Time Taken from Neelgrath Helipad to Panjtarni Helipad: 7 minutes

Important Notes:
– Passengers below 13 year or above the age 75 years and women with 6 weeks pregnancy are not permitted to travel as per Shri Amarnath Shrine Board terms and conditions.
– Compulsory Health Certificate is mandatory for boarding the helicopter at Neelgrath sector, without this certificate passenger will not be allowed to board the helicopter. In case the service provider refuses to allow the Yatri to board for want of the Compulsory Health Certificate, the yatri will not be entitled to any refund of ticket fare.

About Pawan Hans Helicopter Service

Pawan Hans Ltd. The national helicopter company of India was incorporated in 1985. Presently the shareholding of the Government of India is 51% and Oil and Natural Gas Corporation is 49%. Pawan Hans was incorporated with the primary objective of providing helicopter support services to the oil sector for its off-shore exploration operations, services in remote and hilly areas and charter services for promotion of tourism.

Contact Details of Pawan Hans for Amarnath Helicopter Ticket Bookings:

Pawan Hans Ltd.
New Delhi Office
(Safdarjung Airport)
Contact Number: 011- 24652878

In case booking on the desired date and flight is found to be booked full, the passenger may send their request with their name, address, contact No at the following Email ID for consideration if possible depending upon availability of seats.
Email id :

Official Website of Pawan Hans Helicopters:
Online Booking Website for Pawan Hans Tickets:

Amarnath Yatra 2017 Tour Packages Booking

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  11. Ram Daroga Pandey:

    Want 2 helicopter ticket from Baltal to Panchterani on 5th of July 2017


    wish to take return ticket for 9 persons on 3 rd July 17 from Panchtarni to Baltaal

  13. dhiraj:

    3 seat required for neelgrath/ baltal to panchtarni on 9 juLY 2017 AND RETURN PANCHTARNI TO NEELGRATH (BALTAL)

  14. k.Shiva Reddy:

    On 11th July 5 persons from
    Baltal to panjantrani and back


    we require 4 seats on helicopter on 5th July for amarnath from baltal please arrange

  16. Murali dhara sahu:

    For two people amaranth yatra on 9th July

  17. Binish:

    Hi Team
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    Required 20 tickets from Baltal to Panchtarini and Back on 5/7/17 at early morning. Kindly arrange

  19. Umesh Gautam:

    Require 2 seats from Baltal to amarnath dates from 24 to 25 July 2017

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    Required 20 tickets on 5/7/17 early morning from Baltal to Panchararini and back

  21. Pandharinath Mapari:

    required 20 helicoptor tickets on 5/7/17 at early morning from Baltal to Panchatarini and back.Kindly arrange

  22. Shamsher Singh Narula:

    Request availability and charges for one way travel by Pawanhans helicopter for two persons on 4th July, 2017 from 1. To Panchterani from Baltal and 2. from Jammu to Panchterani

  23. k.Shiva Reddy:

    I will go to baltal to holycave of 5 numbers on 11.07.17

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  36. Pawan Kr Khaitan:

    4 tickets required for 15th july, same day return

  37. Madhuri B J:

    Respected All,

    I request you to allot 10 helicopter seats from baltal to the Holy cave and in return on 22nd July 2017.

    Thank You.

  38. Ankur shah:

    Req. Two person only helicopter tikit on 20 July from baltal to punch tarn I

  39. Satyendra Singh:

    Which date you have decided to start online booking for Amarnath Yatra 2017.

  40. Bhimrao Kore:

    We want 23 helicopter ticket for Amaranth Yatra on 05/07/2017

  41. Bhimrao Kore:

    Please let us know on what date helicopter booking open for Amaranth yatra

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    Need 2 one way ticket from Baltal to Panchtarni

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  52. Dr Samir Ku Nanda:

    Pawanhans service for Sri Amarnath ji Yatra is very harassing. It always flies 8-9 hours late. Globalheli is better than Pawanhans. Pls. dono,t book through Pawanhans.

  53. Dilip Singh:

    I want 10 ticktes from Baltal to Panjtarani

  54. mukesh:

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    Rajesh Goyal

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    Sir, Pls 5 Seat required for baltal to panchtarni on 4th July 2017. Tks.

  70. Rajendran.A:

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    I want five tickets from Baltal to Amarnath and Amarnath to Baltal on 6th July 2017

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    Dear Sir we need 15 tickets Dt.26.07.2017 8 tickets and 27.07.2017 7 tickets please send details

  95. Manish:

    Looking for 4 nights and 5 days package. My starting point would be from coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

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    SIR 6 SEATS REQUIRED FOR 1/7/2017 PLS CONTACT 9437192739

  101. J.C. JASAL:

    On 17th July 14 persons from
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    Need 3 helicopter tickets on 10th July 2017 and return on 11th July. Pls check and respond

  103. Pankaj Mehta:

    Two tikit 23july required plz contact me 9829694539

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